Healthy and yummy Kit Sticks with ColostrumGreat beloved snack for all cats – even the picky onesWith our Kit Sticks with Colostrum it’s the easiest way to combine delicious chewing fun with preventive health care for pets.Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid produced from a mother’s mammary glands during the first 72 hours after birth. It provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that insure the health and vitality of a newborn. Independent medical studies show that Colostrum helps support healthy immune function; it also enhances resistance to the harmful effects of pollutants, contaminants and allergens where they attack. Plus: Almost every pet enjoy the flavor and taste of Colostrum.In combination with the favourite soft chicken meat, our Kit Sticks Chicken are a special delicacy which is very well accepted by cats.Our Pets Best Kit Sticks have a length of approx. 11cm. All benefits at a glance:Healthy Chicken MeatWith Colostrum for a strengthened immune systemSoft consistencyIdeal treat to employ cats easilyWell acceptedInnovative

Kat sticks 50gr

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